Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A Typical Sunday in Oxford

This past Sunday, my roommate and I decided to go out for the famous "Sunday Lunch" at The Eagle and Child Pub. Just by chance, we happened to sit in a room where two other American guys were already eating. Once they heard our southern Georgia accents, they asked us where we were from, excited to meet some fellow Americans. After the small talk was finished, they informed us that they were in London for the month working for one of the largest and most successful advertising agencies in the States, DDB.

 Their job for these next few weeks is to go around London and find fun, creative ideas for their videos promoting McDonald's. McDonald's is a huge sponsor for the London Olympics, but they have to overcome the obstacle of selling an American business in a foreign country. Their challenge is to make videos that can relate to a wide range of people who may not already identify with Mcdonald's or America. Click the link below to watch three of the videos they have already made (my favorite is the second one with the guy in the purple shirt) and check back again for a new one being posted on August 8th. They've incorporated people of different nationalities, various olympic sports, and the love of McDonald's food all into one video, making them very successful as well as fun to watch!


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  1. One would think that McDonald's would be an easy product to promote across continents. The amount of restaurants all over the world gives great exposure, but the task of tying it's unhealthy food in with sports seems much more daunting. McDonald's and exercise are on opposite ends of the advertising spectrum, yet the fast food chain continues to find ways to connect a Big Mac and sports. This is a great example of creating a multicultural ad, while also addressing another audience.