Sunday, August 5, 2012

Olympic Swimming coverage

It has been fun following news reports and Tweets from our first Skype guest speaker of the summer, journalist Vicki Michaelis. We were lucky to have her join us before the Olympics started to get her insights on covering  sports on a national and international level. Now we were able to follow along as she reported the stories of the Olympic games.

Vicki  is currently a freelance reporter at the London Olympic Games.  She just recently left a post as the lead Olympics reporter and Denver bureau sports reporter for USA Today which gave her a national and international profile in sports journalism and the sports industry overall.

Here is one of her recent reports from the Olympic swimming events last night:

Ms. Michaelis is soon to be Professor Michjaelis as she joins us at Grady in the fall as the chairperson and president of the Association for Women in Sports Media.  

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this skype with Vicki. Not only was she an inspiration for my career, but she is also getting to cover one of the best sports in the olympics. When she told us that she got to watch Michael Phelps win all his gold medals and then talk to his family it really hit home for me. This is what I want to do. Having this opportunity to chat with her was incredible.