Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Absolutely Curious...

My trip to Dublin, this weekend, served as a great source for fodder and blog content.  While waiting at a bus stop, this advertisement for Absolut vodka passed by, and I couldn’t help but notice it.  The ad reads:  “It all starts with an Absolut blank.” 

The advertisement is simple.  The limited use of color makes the patterned bottle stand out, and the starkness of the white background certainly popped against the overly vibrant yellow of the bus (compare this ad to the Coca Cola ad on the bus next to it, and the difference is clear).  The typeface is easily readable, in all caps, and the gray and white color combination allows the text to exist without taking away from the greater message—Absolut is a versatile drink (a blank canvas, if you will), and this provides endless possibilities for the drink and the situation in which it is consumed.  These seven words provide a powerful and somewhat uninhibited message, without the use of sexual content or violence.

The refreshing nature of this ad made me look twice, but do you think this ad is effective?

I’m sure much of this depends on the target audience.  Given the forum in which it is displayed (public transit in a prime tourist destination--Temple Bar), this ad may be meant for tourists, not the citizens of Dublin.  That would be my first guess, as the ad is relatively culture neutral (at least in comparison to the Jameson ad posted earlier), but what are your thoughts?  Who do you think the intended target audience is for this advertisement, and is it effective?

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  1. I think it's a great advertisement. The simplicity of it is genius. I think the ad reaches out to an array of consumers as the whole point of it is basically endless opportunities. It is something people can use as a base and then create something they enjoy from it. Everyone can customize their drinks, and this ad points that out in a clear manner. The contrast between the colors is great to compared to the coke ad beside it.