Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ted Talks and the future of humans

Here's the link to the Ted Talk I mentioned in class on Friday. The parts that have the greatest implications for communication go from 11:11 onward.

He talks about evolution in real time- seeing rapid changes of the brain and the idea that we are
“processing more information in a day than people used to in a lifetime” - this is an effect of the media and an effect of the internet.
By having a world of information readily available at our fingertips, we have the potential to change the way that our brains operate and potentially become more cognitively advanced. Do you think this is a bit of a stretch or that it’s entirely possible?

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  1. Honestly, this scares me. Can you imagine downloading your memories? Or worse, your friends’ memories? It’s almost narcissistic in a way. When did I get so important that my friends needed to know my most prized memories? Perhaps there could be a positive spin, in which you and your friends get to relive good memories together. But then we are living in the past, and not moving forward into our future. Would we get so bogged down with every second of our past lives that we forget our present? There are also social media implications. We already document our whole lives on Facebook, so if were able to download our memories and share our friends memories, could we potentially have Facebook implanted in our minds? Some of the older generation argues that we already do.