Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Health Food, there is lots of it

To advertise a food product or to even have it on the shelf in the supermarket, I have found there to be an extensive appeal to vegetarians.  It seems, that here in the United Kingdom they are more conscientious about staying true to what vegetarian food is, and have more of it then in the United States.  There is also typically more of a use of the calorie count on the products in comparison to the United States as well.  Even in McDonalds, the calorie counts for each and every product is shown, even if it is 645 calories.  In the United States, if one desires this type of labeling on their products that caters to vegans and vegetarians, and is explicit with labeling their calorie count; they oftentimes have to venture over to a health store supermarket.  The

Why is this labeling so much more prevalent in the United Kingdom? Are British people as a culture more health conscientious than Americans?  

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  1. I have not done any research on this topic; however, from my simple observations, it seems to me that British people are more health conscientious than Americans with regard to food and calorie count. In America, I think that people are conscious of living a healthy lifestyle, but do not focus AS much on calorie count. We think more along the margin. For example, "I will allow myself to eat this burger because I know that I am going for a two mile run later." Sure, there are plenty of British people that work out; however, exercise does not seem to be as popular here as it is in the States. This might be an explanation as to why British people are more conscious about how many calories they consume than we are in the US.