Sunday, August 5, 2012

Advertisements in Barcelona

I have spent this past weekend in Barcelona, and I have been shocked by the inappropriate nature of some of their advertising.  There is an extensive use of nudity used to advertise for clubs, beaches, restaurants, tourist companies, etc.  These advertisements range from billboards, to flyers, to pamphlets given out to the public, and conclusively anyone can see these advertisements.  Oftentimes, because of the competition among all these places to get the attention of tourists they have good-looking girls walking around for promotion of their company, wearing close to no clothing.  It’s honestly sad. To what extent should this type of advertising and promotion be used? Children, as well as people who don’t care to see that type of advertising are exposed to it at a higher rate then anywhere I have previously been.  It comes down to the fact that this type of advertising is just so integrated into their society that it is of the norm for companies to take this approach to try and get tourist attention.  


  1. I think this type of advertising just further represents the cultural differences between European countries and The United States. I did not get the opportunity to visit Barcelona, but I noticed some advertisements that would be considered inappropriate to Americans this past weekend in Paris. One that was very prevalent all over the city featured a happy condom saying, “I’m your friend!” How do you explain something like this to a young child who may see it? I personally am not a fan of this kind of advertising, and I am glad that advertisers use more restraint in America.

  2. I can see the problem with this from a visitors point of view, but I don't think it really phases anyone who lives there. Just like in Vegas. . .people are just desensitized to it.

    To us (probably to most) it is just sleazy advertising. But in all reality, if you grow up with it, it is just the way things are.

    I agree with what you said, that it ". . .is just so integrated into their society," that if you tried to step in and regulate it now, you would hear a huge backlash from the companies. So rather than trying to cut back on it now, maybe there should just be a "cap" put on it?

    (And just some food for thought, think about the type of people those companies and ads are aimed at.)