Sunday, August 5, 2012

Smaller Newspapers?

For 20p, one can pick up a copy of the "newspaper of the year." Known as "the i: The essential daily briefing." It is a smaller, spin off from The Independent. It is labeled as a concise, quality paper. It was launched in the fall of 2010 and is now available in print or on the iPad. 

So how do you feel about a large, important paper launching a smaller subsidiary? I have never seen this before, but I kind of like it. If it wasn't for the student discout, I know I would not be subscribed to the New York Times. But if I was offered a condensed version of the Times paper, daily, for roughly $0.30, I would be more than willing to pay that. 

I think it is a brilliant marketing scheme. It not only increased circulation, but also is a great way to get more people to pick up a paper. 

If you could pick up a smaller paper, from a quality publisher, that just contained the biggest news, would you? Would you feel more compled to read the news if the stories are shorter? A physical copy of the Times can seem overwhelming, but some simpler packaging could make all the difference. 

I see this as a great way to help save the print newspapers. Possibly have it where you would pay a yearly subscription for a physical paper, but still have access to the full, in depth coverage online.

I know just reading a small paper, you will only get the surface story, but it is better than not being informed at all. 

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