Sunday, July 22, 2012

Age Appropriate?

 Yeah, I saw Magic Mike last weekend too.

Before being greeted by Matthew McConaughey in all his glory, I noticed the film rating that displayed:15

Immediately, I thought of my 15-year-old brother and how mortified I'd be if he saw this film-not that he's displayed any interest. Though I wouldn't want him to view Magic Mike as a 17-year old either, I appreciate that a lot can happen in two or three years during adolescence. Based on our class discussion on ethics, I thought this manifestation on the variance within cultures was surprising. Typically, I associate the United State with notions of sex-saturated and crude media corrupting the minds of youth. I couldn't believe it was the UK deeming this movie that America reserved for adult audiences, fine for viewers who couldn't even drive themselves to the theatre.

I decided to research how the British Board of Film Classification determined ratings.
*see link)

"In the most recent consultation over 8700 members of the public were asked for their views on classification – including consideration of issues such as language, discrimination, violence, sex and drugs in films, DVDs and video games, parental concerns about younger viewers and recent BBFC decisions. The Guidelines also take into account the various UK laws which the BBFC must consider and apply when making classification decisions."

I thought the inclusion of video games was very intriguing in light of our recent discussions. I wonder how movie viewing may be related to video roleplaying in terms of cognitive and emotional interactions. I am also interested to note any changes the guidelines will make next year.

For the sake of humanity though, if Magic Mike 2 gets a triangle, I'm writing the Queen.

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