Monday, July 30, 2012

Available Advertising

An advertisement for Watsons Bistro rests on the roof of its building in Wales, United Kingdom, on Friday, July 27, 2012. The advertisement was placed on the roof so that it could be seen by those walking along the city wall of Conwy. (Photo/ C. B. Schmelter, The Red & Black)

So as I was walking the Conwy City Wall during my Medieval History excursion this weekend, I looked down on the roofs of the buildings below and found something interesting:
An Advertisement.

I just thought this was genius ad placement. While the sign itself is nothing special, but the location was great. Walking the city wall is obviously something that draws people to the area and what better way to minimize cost and maximize space than to smack an ad down on top of the roof of your own building?

I'm no expert on advertising, but I give Watsons Bistro two thumbs up for this one.

What do you think ad people?  

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  1. I love ads like this. Many companies advertise on roofs near airports, attracting the attention of people on incoming flights. And then of course Target has a target on top of their stores. Very simple and clever. The most important thing I notice about it is that it is cheap, They didn't have to buy the space. That is a big difference maker. Nice spot.