Tuesday, July 17, 2012

TV shows in Oxford!

Did any of you know that there are a few reoccurring tv series based out of Oxford? Today I was grabbing lunch off of Turl Street and I saw a bunch of police cars and people gathered round this little side street. I thought there was an accident of some sort being covered by the news (which would have been odd), but low and behold, all the fuss and cameras were for a scene of a police drama called Lewis!  I was told by the locals that it's in its last season and that it's a bit of low-action series full of high brow cultural references. I talked with some of the extras and they were telling me about their other jobs on shows like Downtown Abbey. Very interesting people! Watching the main stars was kind of fun as well because they were wearing sunglasses and asking for cigarettes and making an abnormal amount of phone calls in their time between takes. It's strange to see someone, not knowing they're famous, but seeing them act out in their stardom. Have you guys seen anything along these lines around Oxford?

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  1. I definitely saw this TV set here in Oxford and I was surprised at how low security was for it. All of the gear for production was just left around and everyone just seemed to be enjoying themselves. I think it's really cool how Oxford has become immune to a celebrity scene here - it's obvious that education has more prevalence than the popularity of set is. One thing I haven't seen though - a local newspaper or news being reported for live shots.

    1. I love this show! An Inspector Lewis sighting would make my day. :-) Did you know that Dr. Janice Hume (magazine professor at Grady) named her dog Lewis after Inspector Lewis?

  2. I think it is really cool that there is a show being shot here in Oxford. It is interesting to me how low key it has been though. There hasn't really been any hype or swarming crowds. I wonder if it was the same way when Harry Potter was being filmed here. Maybe the show just is not that popular. It is also interesting how the actress was playing her celebrity role, when in our eyes, she is not really a celebrity.