Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Update on the 'How to find that perfect husband in college'

The columnist, Amber Estes, has issued another column clarifying her article from the Red & Black that went viral.


It is worth a read.

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  1. Personally, when I read her first article, I thought to myself, "Yeah, this sounds about right." I know many girls who will openly admit that, in addition to receiving a diploma, their goal is to find a man they want to marry by the end of 4 years. Amber was merely pointing out a bit of culture among women at UGA. She wasn't trying to persuade anyone one way or the other and she certainly wasn't trying to debase women either. (I mean come on, this is no Fifty Shades of Grey here) She's not saying women should accept inferiority to men, she's just pointing out the fact that we girls are constantly keeping our eyes open for "The One" when we are walking around campus. Anyways, isn't that our natural instinct?