Monday, July 23, 2012

Shell's Social Media Failure

Here is the link and an example of the social media ad campaign that I have referred to today at Mediacom and during class this week.

I never thought that Shell's competitors might be the ones making the negative ads, what do you think? Is it ethical advertising if other companies, not "users," are making these horrible ads?

Birds are like sponges. . . FOR OIL! Let's Go.

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  1. While I too had never considered that competitors might be creating the negative ads, I find it just as likely that normal people would create them. Petroleum companies tend to cause major uproars, especially after oil spills. And since there are so many interest groups concerned with animals and the environment, it seems likely that individuals involved in those groups or possibly those groups as a whole would create these negative ads rather than competitors. In other industries, it might be more useful for a competitor to create a negative ad. However almost all large oil companies have been involved in some sort of oil spill scandal. Therefore if, for example, BP created the ad above, it would not make much sense because they too have provided "the rainbows via oil slicks." It is an interesting thought that user provided ads give an opening for competitors to create a negative image though.