Sunday, July 22, 2012

Celeb Obsessed?

I was at Boots Pharmacy the other day looking for perfume when I noticed the only celebrity scents they had were all American celebs.  I saw Rhianna, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Britney Spears, J Lo, and so many more.  The only British celeb scent I saw was Victoria Beckham.  This made me wonder if America is just celeb obsessed.
My thoughts were confirmed when my roommate received a box of goodies from her parents.  Inside were a bundle of magazines including People, US Weekly, and OK.  As I mindlessly started flipping through them I realized it was ALL celebrity gossip.  Who is marrying who and who is pregnant (Kristen Stewart?!).  I had confirmed as Americans (well a lot of American) we are a little too concerned with the personal lives of our celebrity figures.
Wondering if the British were the same way, I looked at the Gatwick Airport this weekend for a magazine.  They had trashy weekly magazines for sure, but they were based on normal people and not celebrities.  All in all, I found I was much more entertained with the American celeb gossip magazines, but it was interesting to see that difference in culture.


  1. I don't know much about British pop culture but Americans are obsessed with the personal lives of the famous. For instance, the channel E is practically a celebrity gossip channel. The shows revolve around celebrity news/gossip, their lives (reality shows), and even their fashion (that Joan Rivers show where she is always making fun of people).

    We spend a lot of time making celebrities lives our headline news (Tom and Katies' divorce) Thousands of people go through divorce but for some reason seems more newsworthy.

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  3. So much of American culture is based around the entertainment industry. The result is that we give a lot of credit to the people who appear to be successful in this sector. We are obsessed with knowing more about the people who entertain us. I have not noticed this same exact theme in England, possibly because there are less people working in the entertainment indistry here. However, I have seen a lot of gossipy tabloids about people who are celebrities, just not necessarily a part of the entertainment industry.

  4. Of course the royals are some of the Brits biggest celebrities--and many people here do love personal info about them. Don't forget that the Paparazzi were, in large part, to blame for Princess Diana's death. The Paparazzi would not be taking pictures to sell if people didn't want to see them.