Friday, July 27, 2012

The Tragedy of Robsten

Two days ago, US Weekly released pictures of Kristen Stewart kissing her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders. Two seconds later, the twitter sphere exploded with posts concerning the relationship of Stewart and Twilight co-star and long-term boyfriend Robert Pattinson. Fans of the “Robsten” couple began to tweet like mad.

Now I am a giant fan of Rob Pattinson and find it entirely shocking that Kristen would cheat on him. Have you seen the man? He’s arguably the most beautiful man on the planet. It’s pretty much physically impossible to cheat him because he is just so good looking. But as much as I love and support Rob and granted that is a major event in the celebrity gossip world of Perez Hilton, this is not something to cry over.

And yet “Robsten” fans on twitter are taking the scandal much too personally. Every second there is a new post, and each time the post says something the lines of, “Robsten unbroken” or “We will get through this” or “Please work it out Robsten, you were meant for each other!” @Robstenforever12 went so bold as to tweet 

“I'm done with being sad and desperate I KNOW Kristen didn't do it. Unfollow me if you want but I'm defending her ALWAYS! Robsten is unbroken”

These tweets are utterly ridiculous. The tweeters refer to the celebrities lives directly effect theirs. They give advice as if Rob and Kristen were their best friends, but in actuality they have no earthly clue what Pattinson and Stewart’s relationship is like. They speak as if they are the world’s greatest couple.

So it makes me wonder about the paparazzi and gossip journalism. Are we bombarded with so much celebrity news that we feel like we know these celebrities? Is it the media’s fault for implanting so much celebrity news in our brains that we loose our sense of reality and believe we actually know these strangers?  How can some take what happens in a strangers life so personally? 


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  2. It is definitely frightening to me how personally invested people become in not only their favorite celebrity, but also the relationships the celebrities are in as well. I think that Social Networking Systems, and Social Media have enhanced the general public’s interest with celebrities and their lives, due to the fact that systems such as Twitter, Facebook, and various blogs now allow for a fan to follow a celebrity more vigorously then ever before. The coverage of the whole Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson affair is a clear display of this, as it still even dominates the media today nearly a week later- even with such major news worthy events such as the Batman premiere shooting competing for news coverage with it.

    Will matters that should really be the interest of the public ever be able to overcome the obsessive Hollywood crazed gossip that dominates all social networking systems? I think not, as it seems to be getting worse.

  3. I think the media is ridiculous with these celebrities. People become obsessed with them and can find out just about anything about them. From where they live to their high school mascot.

    I think people's reaction to their breakup has a lot to do with Twilight. They're suppose to be this epic couple in the movie and some people believe so in real life. The fact that so many people can be so passionate about movie characters or strangers they don't really shows the power of media.

    Guys are guilty of it too. People who get into fights over Kobe vs. Lebron. Media connects us all and makes people feel more intimate with the people they idolize.