Saturday, July 28, 2012

Protesters During a Graduation Weekend... Really?

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Protesters Collectively Ruin the Vibe of Oxford During a Graduation Weekend...

This past week in Oxford, the town was teeming with graduates and their families in preparation for their graduation on Saturday.  The graduates and their parents migrated from their own specific colleges, to the Bodleian Library, and Christ Church (among many other signature pit-stops of Oxford) to take pictures in recognition of the graduate student and their accomplishment. Among this excitement, there were pro-animal right’s activists all over Oxford, and oddly placed around the town may I add.  Their signs primarily read the message of  “stop the animal cruelty in Oxford,” and were often accompanied by disturbing pictures of animals not being treated right.  While I believe the group had a great cause, I think the group went too far in their display of protest, and altogether defeated their purpose anyways.  I think it is a shame that they chose to protest where they did.    The protesters caused an indefinite negative vibe to the areas the graduates desired to take pictures at. 

The displays made me uncomfortable, destroyed the vibe for the graduates of the areas they were in, and had an altogether negative effect rather then positively educating the public for their cause.

To what extent should disturbing content such as this be able to occupy a given area?

Should these displays be sanctioned to occur at any time or on any day?

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  1. While it is very sad that people would choose to protest in areas where families were celebrating such a monumental moment, I don't know how there would be a way to place rules upon doing this. I do not agree with what they did and believe there should be designated zones where this is allowed, however; this would be very hard to create. To create designated zones, I think Oxford University would have to create rules about protesting on their campus instead of laws being created in the town. I wish the protestors would not have done this, as it may have ruined a special time for many, but stopping something like this would be incredibly difficult.