Friday, July 27, 2012

Google that

If you haven't been on Google today, go check it out. It completely relates to our topic on stereotyping and how to counter stereotypes in the media.
Google's front page cartoon of the Olympics is very inclusive of many races and genders. There doesn't seem to be a dominant person or a "token" person to make it seem diverse. I think it is a positive attempt to display people from all over the world (since the olympics is a world event).
After seeing this ad, I was also curious if Google's front page would appear differently from country to country. However, this front page appears all over the world and truly represents how diverse we all are.
Because it reaches such a broad audience, this cartoon will additionally help people of all races, ages, and genders fell included since Google is the world's most popular search engine.
While this ad is obviously promoting the Olympics, it made me wonder how the people at Google decide which days and which people to have on its front page. Just the other day it displayed a cartoon of Amelia Earhart in celebration of (what would be) her 115th birthday. Other than birthdays, Google also displays holidays, invention/discovery days, and other significant days in history. 
Displaying these cartoons isn't for advertisement or meant to promote anything. I think Google is simply making an attempt to get people informed and interested in a variety of things. When it was Amelia Earhart's birthday, I was curious about her life and "googled" her. I'm sure there are people from all over that felt inclined just as I did to read about other displays on Google.
I think Google does this 1) for entertainment, and 2) to educate people.

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  1. I agree with Mary Anne. I love Google! Not only are they on the cutting edge of technology and internet development, but they are also educating people while simultaneously providing entertainment. One of the best ways to educationally engage the masses is to present information in a way in which people are unaware that they are being educated. I think Google does this beautifully. Like Mary Anne said, Google provides a hook to their viewers in the form of pictures on the home page. These pictures draw awareness and encourage people to inquire further about the topic. How will people go about this inquiry process? They will Google it! Therefore, Google is furthering their product as well. Google accomplishes so much by the way they use their homepage. The Google homepage serves as an awareness tool, an educational outlet, and an entertainment venue, while simultaneously promoting Google itself. Genius!