Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Opening Ceremony

This passed weekend, I watched the Opening Ceremony from my friend's house in London.  Her family is from the United States, but moved to London due to her father's job.  We all watched the Ceremony together and even caught the jets as they flew right over her house.  It was really fun to watch the Ceremony in the same city it was occurring in.  The Ceremony itself was very interesting. It came across as being extremely British, as it should since London is the host city; however, her family and I were discussing that our friends in the United States who were watching were probably very confused about everything going on.  We were watching on the BBC, so even though there was commentary; I do not think they did enough to explain to foreigners in the United Kingdom that might be watching.  I was left a little lost during some parts.  It would be interesting to find out how an American news network such as FOX News or CNN might have presented the ceremony.  Do you think there was more or less explanation to the ceremony?  Do you think the ceremony would have much appeal in foreign countries?  Is it even possible to have an impressive opening ceremony after how amazing the ceremony for the Beijing Olympics was?


  1. I too watched the London Opening Ceremony, however, I was in Spain. I may as well have not had any commentary since all of it was in Spanish. Only able to make out a word here and there, I knew next to nothing of what was going on. If it hadn't been for my British friend who had come with me to Spain, I wouldn't have understood it at all. I would hope that big news stations in the States would have commentary that put what was happening in the ceremony under context that Americans would understand, but I have to wonder about smaller countries that may not have that sort of access to information. Would they have understood any at all? I know I didn't.

  2. Just FYI, NBC has the coverage rights for the Opening Ceremonies. Fox and CNN would not have been allowed to broadcast the Opening Ceremonies.

  3. I watched the Opening Ceremony in Hyde Park, and while I was lost during parts of it, I still think it would appeal to the United States. I actually quite liked the experience of not being in on the loop because as an American, it's easy to think we're setting trends or that everyone else is listening to the same music and watching the same TV when in reality each culture has just that... A different culture! There was one part during the ceremony where the sound cut out, and instead of bemoaning the bad luck, the British people there started singing this song. I had no idea what it was but after a few listens, I was able to start singing along more or less. There was a nice feeling of camaraderie, and it was refreshing to be able to witness a moment so intimately connected to the culture when at most other times my Americanism doesn't let me partake in that cultural experience. Hopefully Americans found the ceremony just as intriguing as I did, and I think it was well-earned to rejoice in the history of Britain and the United Kingdom... They deserve it!