Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Craving Mexican Food.

One of my favorite types of food to eat is Mexican.  In Georgia, it is cheap, delicious, and everywhere.  Here it is more expensive, not as authentic, and just not the same.  Obviously, the reason for this is that Mexico is a lot farther way from England, and, unfortunately, as far as I know Mexicans have not really immigrated to Europe at all.  So the fact that there is minimal Mexican influence is not surprising.

What did surprise me is the prevalence of Asian cuisine.  There is quite a variety: Thai, Chinese, a lot of Indian, and a lot of Sushi bars.   I understand the Indian connection, but why is there so much more Asian influence here? I realize that Asia is closer to Europe than North America, but it is not really that close to England. 

Other than the various Asian restaurants, a lot of the food here seems similar to American food- definitely not the same- but similar.  So what kind of food is actually authentic English food? I don’t think I have ever seen a restaurant in America specifically serving “English” cuisine, and I am not sure if the food from the dining hall counts; they serve french fries(chips) and ketchup every night.  Have you noticed any items on the menus of the local restaurants that seem to be specifically English? Is it more than just tea and fish and chips?

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  1. That is a very good point. When I have eaten in the English pubs I have noticed things on the menu that we don't typically see in America. Some of these include: steak and kidney pudding, Cornish pasties and the obvious, fish and chips. In my opinion, this would be authentic English food.

    About a month before I left for England, my aunt sent me a picture that she took on the Delaware coast of a restaurant called "Go Brit!" The restaurant served primarily fish and chips. Personally, I have never seen a restaurant advertising British food. This restaurant in Delaware is the only one I have heard about. I only know about it thanks to my aunt. Because such a restaurant is rare, she was surprised to see it and sent me a picture knowing it would have significance to me because of my impending travel.